Claiming Your Purpose
Claiming Your Purpose

Module 4: Claiming Your Purpose

There comes a time in life when we inevitably question the meaning of life, and our own life in particular - what are we doing on this earth, and perhaps more importantly, what are we supposed to be doing on this earth? There is no “right” answer to this question, yet it is probably the greatest test of each of us, as to the meaning that we choose to give it, and subsequently put into action through the purpose we choose in life.

We can choose to follow the guidelines of our culture, our family/tribal traditions and of expectations placed upon us, or we can choose to break away from those and do something different - to seek our own path. The choice is yours and probably one of the most important decisions you will make in life. It is the one decision that is most likely to lead to peace, happiness and, more importantly, fulfilment within yourself, and is ultimately the yard-stick against which the measure of your success in life will be judged. Walking a path, passing milestone after milestone but with no real purpose leads to loss of identity, potentially creating that crisis of ego that leads to the downward spiral of depression.

As we change and grow through the accumulation of knowledge and experience, our views, perceptions, beliefs, goals and expectations change, and consequently the meaning and purpose we ascribe to our life will inevitably change. At its root, purpose is driven by our identity and a passion to implement change based on its foundation elements. The emergence of Purpose is generally through a confluence of awareness of our identity, our resources and abilities and a triggering event and our reaction to it, generating a desire for change - to right aspects of society that are wrong, broken and/or unjust. For most, that triggering event (personal or otherwise) is one that generates a deep emotional response - mostly negative events that inspire a positive reaction - to either ameliorate or counter the fallout of such events or to prevent them reoccurring in the future.

Whilst this course is centred around claiming your identity, in the end it is not our identity that defines us, but the purpose that we have chosen to champion. Our purpose is the practical application of our identity, and it is the extent, depth and success of the actions that we take in pursuit of that purpose by which we are judged - by ourself as much as by others. Identity is meaningless without purpose, and purpose is powerless without identity. It is through gaining and pursuing our true purpose that we naturally dispense with the need for ego. The ultimate purpose of this course is therefore to enable you to bring together the various elements that create your own purpose for your identity to inhabit.