Mastery - The Stuff of Champions
Mastery - The Stuff of Champions

Module 6: Mastery - The Stuff of Champions

Taking it to the next level and beyond

For those that make the effort of Claiming their Identity, they will, no doubt, wish to take it further, it is the nature of those willing to tread that path. For such people wish to not just experience the benefits of Claiming their Identity, they wish to master it, pushing to achieve their full potential, – to become more than good enough – to be a master of their lives. To take up the baton of command of their own life and destiny and lead a life of fulfilment.

Through developing Mastery we are able to reap the rewards of lifting the fog of life - to experience clarity, freedom and contentment. Contentment of being on the path of our choosing. The clarity of a clearly defined path with clearly defined goals together with the confidence, ability, wisdom, resources and strategy to follow that path and overcome any obstacles we may encounter along the way.

Mastery enables us to be free of fear and anxiety to lead a life of sustainable joy and happiness. Through Mastery we:

  • Choose to live life in a positive frame of mind - a mind-set of Health, Wealth & Happiness.
  • Become a Provider, and the role model we aspire to be for ourself and for others.
  • Adopt a World-Class mind-set - rising above and transcending mediocrity. Focusing on excellence - in our behaviour, our actions, our expectations, our use of time and who we associate with.
  • Letting go of the unnecessary “chatter” in our lives that clouds and dilutes our confidence, focus, passions and energy.

In this module we look at:

  • The 12 Principles of 21st Century Leadership
  • Focus and the benefits of Meditation
  • Developing Organisation & Planning through the disciplines of Habit, Routine & Ritual
  • Developing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and the importance of aspects of our life such as Exercise, Nutrition & Sleep
  • Learning to Let Go and recognise “Its not about me”
  • and many more

Hard Path leads to an easy life. The Easy path leads to a hard life. - Zen saying