Walking the Path
Walking the Path

Module 5: Walking the Path

How often have you made a New Year’s resolution to do something such as change your diet, exercise more, take up a new sport or hobby - only to break that resolution within a few months, weeks or even days?

When you made that commitment, how committed were you? Did you just say it to yourself in your head? Did you mention it to family and/or friends? Or did you write it down in full detail in a contract with yourself together with a full plan detailing your goal, strategy and action in order to attain it? Did you include what you wish to achieve by it - the benefits and the consequences - and how to address slippages? More importantly - did you consider who you intend to be at the end of it with a clear mental representation of yourself, your environment, your circumstances and the impact on others? Did you consider your purpose and how to put it into practice?

All of these questions sounds like a lot of work and effort, to go through in order to achieve such seemingly simple, basic tasks. However, change is complex, and they are not much to ask if you are truly committed to attaining your goal - if it is that important to you.

It takes courage to commit our words to paper for, by doing so, it allows ourselves and our performance to be judged. Even if we keep the document to ourselves, it becomes a basis for self-judgement. By sharing it with others we allow ourselves to be judged by others. We therefore shy away from commitment for fear of failure and being judged. That fear of commitment effectively becoming an intention to fail (we get what we focus on).

One of the sources of fear of commitment is the lack of worthiness of attaining the outcome. A fear of punching beyond our weight, of stepping up higher than we deserve. In order to commit we first have to feel worthy of the outcome and therefore a commitment to the time, effort and resources to achieve it. By Claiming your Identity, and with it Claiming your Purpose, you automatically gain the “worthiness” that enables you to carry it through. This is reinforced by being deliberate through deliberate awareness, deliberate intention, deliberate action and most importantly, deliberate practice.

All too often we fail in our endeavours through setting unrealistic expectations and time-scales and we end up focusing on the goals rather than the path to achieving them. By setting out, focusing on and Walking the Path towards our purpose, we become the goals we are aiming for and they will, in effect achieve themselves.

We are only going to be able to climb as high
as the ceiling of our self-worth will allow us to.