No Willpower Required
No Willpower Required

Module 2: No Willpower Required

Within the tales of Greek mythology is the tale of Sisyphus who, as a form of punishment, was forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down again, repeating this cycle for eternity. This, for many, is what the effort of willpower feels like.

The struggle of willpower is, in effect, a battle of wills between two people – between the person we are now and the person we wish to become. A struggle that is unnecessary, for if we were to let go of the person we are now and step into and be the person we wish to become, those things that we struggle to attain through willpower will naturally come to us, as they belong to the person we wish to become. Let go of Willpower – bring on the power of Entrainment.

Entrainment is the natural tendency for everything and everyone to fall in line and resonate with the strongest influence. As well as being a fundamental rule of physics it is also the fundamental basis of leadership. For an individual that influence may be the dominant tribe that they belong to - their peer group, their family, their work – or their own identity, whichever is the strongest.

By creating a strong identity, that identity becomes the dominant influence in our life, everything else in our life will naturally fall in line and resonate with that identity. When we fill our lives with a clearly defined (positive, externally focused) purpose and actively pursue it with passion, energy and enthusiasm, we naturally draw in people and resources that resonate with our cause - multiplying our input and effort many-fold. This is the nature, and leverage, of Entrainment. This is the power of Leadership - turning competition into collaboration.

The stronger and more clearly defined the bond between our Identity, our Role and our Purpose, the stronger the belief we have in them, the greater the entrainment.

By walking the path of the person you wish to become, instead of to the person you wish to become, those things you wish to have and do will naturally fall into place, our life then follows the natural path of: