Claiming Your Identity
Life is not about Finding yourself
Life is about Creating yourself
- George Bernard Shaw
Providing the opportunity, for those who wish it, to maximise their potential
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I am fortunate enough to live in a historic village in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, a village that is blessed with a plethora of beautiful old buildings dating back to the 15th century and beyond. One of these buildings is a former pub, the upstairs of which contains the “long room”, where much of the business of the village was conducted in days of yore.

In 2010 the then owners of this property held a full medieval banquet complete with trencher plates (pizza bases - as the modern day equivalent) and serving wenches. Naturally all in attendance had to dress up and play the part accordingly.

One of the residents of the village at that time was a short, rotund, affable gentleman by the name of Tony. A keen member of the local dramatic society, he always brimmed full of life and character. Tony, of course, arrived at the banquet dressed as Henry VIII, adding much, as always, to this joyous event. Short in stature – larger than life in character – it was always a pleasure to bump into him in the street or at occasions such as this.

The morning after the banquet heralded the sad news that Tony had passed away in the early hours of that morning. A tragic passing, not just for his close and loving family, but for the community as a whole. Although, I am sure, that he would have seen it a fitting end to have pulled the final curtain on his life after such a magical, majestic and fun filled event.

At his funeral, the church was so packed that even standing room was at a premium - I have never seen a church so full of people before or since. On reflecting on his life during this service, it was evident that he lived every moment as if it were the Gala performance. This, in stark contrast to the majority who live their life as if it is just a rehearsal for the main event - not realising until too late that the life they have lived was the big event and have lost out on giving the performance of their life.

It was a salient reminder that there is not a moment to lose. Life is not a rehearsal - be the person you wish to become and live your life as if every moment is your Gala performance.

Rod Tallowin
Barefoot Warrior